This is an amazing song written by my super talented bud. He originally hit me up to make a music video for him, and was pleasantly surprised with his idea for an animated love story between two bears. Sean is an incredible songwriter, but he’s also a hilarious story/joke writer. We worked on the story together and included our friend Joe Chandler who writes for American Dad, and came up with something that I still enjoy watching.

The story was down, and I commissioned a friend and hero of mine - Dan Jones to design the characters. I have worked with him on a few projects and am always amazed at what creative work he can do while still being extremely kind to everyone. Super fun to work on something where the character design makes the characters funny and lovable. It makes the movements less important, and connection way easier.

This was one of the times where I got to work with 100% people that I look up to, and that’s when I enjoy the pressure, process and product the most. Triple p, baby.

The Characters were designed and rigged by Dan Jones

The Animation was done by Brad Davis, Dan Jones.

Story - Sean O’Donnell, Joe Chandler, Brad Davis.

Song By Sean O’Donnell

Brad Davis