Super fun to get to work with the Switchfoot dudes on another Music Video. This song “Voices” has a really fun and uneasy vibe, and it was fun to try approach the visuals the same way.

One of the main looks we decided to use on the verses is called “Snorricam” which was an angle I was familiar with, but didn’t know the name. Thats the self facing camera, that is attached to the subject in the frame, the background moves around and the subject doesn’t (as much in this case). We had a very short prep time, so in a few days, the DP (Dan Coronado) and I were brainstorming on how to do it well without breaking the bank. (He always does test shoots with his kids and sends me the examples and its very sweet, and effective)

The verses feel sparse, and the choruses feel very full and have a lot going on, so I wanted the choruses to reflect that, like they jump into his head and thats where the real action is. It’s always super fun to take green screen footage and make something out of it.

Other fun moments were choreographing with 6 people the initial shot where Jon rises out of the tub, the sideways coffee drop, and the multiples of Jon on the trolley.

All in all this was super fun, and challenging, which is my favorite combo (besides fun and easy) and I love how it turned out.

Brad Davis